All guitarists may participate, without age limit, who are enrolled as active students in any of the courses or have opted for enrollment: listener + competition.

The competition will consist of two tests:

Eliminatory phase, in which the contestant will present a program of free choice of a maximum of 15 minutes. It will take place on Monday July 24 in the Aula Magna of the CEU Cardenal Herrera University in Elx from 10.00 am. The result of the selection of finalists will be made public before the start of the evening concert.

Final phase, in which the contestant will have a maximum of 25 minutes of total performance to present a program of free choice in which works of at least two different styles will be included. Works performed in the eliminatory phase may not be included. It will take place in the Cloister of Sant Josep on Tuesday, July 25 at 21:00 hours.

  • Times may be modified depending on the number of contestants.
  • The competitors must send by e-mail to info@festivalguitarraelche.com and in PDF format the scores of the program to be performed in each of the phases, at least two days before the eliminatory phase.
  • Winners of the Ciutat d’Elx Award in previous editions are not eligible to enter this competition.
  • The result of the competition will be announced on Tuesday, July 25 after the jury’s deliberation.
  • The awards ceremony of the International Guitar Competition «Ciutat d’Elx» will be held on Thursday July 27th in the Cloister of San Jose at 21:00h being mandatory attendance of the winners to receive the prizes.


The prizes awarded will be the following:

First prize, «Ciutat d’Elx» Award:
– Concert within the XXVI Guitar Festival «Ciutat d’Elx», with an economic benefit of 1,500 €.
– Concert organized by PIMA (Youth Guitar Association) of Petrer with an economic benefit of 600 €.
Second prize: Shared concert organized by AGMA with a benefit of 500 €.
Audience Award: Shared concert organized by AGMA with a benefit of 300 €.

All prizes will be subject to the withholdings established by law.


The jury will be made up of personalities from the world of music and culture and its decision will be unappealable.

Final provisions

All auditions will be public and may be recorded on video and audio. The International Guitar Festival «Ciutat d’Elx» reserves, during and after its celebration, the right to broadcast by Radio, Television, Video or any other means of reproduction, each and every one of the tests, including the Final, without any remuneration or royalties for the contestants.

The application for registration implies knowledge and acceptance of these Rules and Regulations.